How to brighten up your look?

Dark circles, discolouration and wrinkles under the eyes make the face look tired. Fortunately, you can quickly and effectively restore its natural glow with the right cosmetics.

The skin under the eyes is different from the rest of the face. It is more delicate, very thin (about 0.5 mm thick), has few sebaceous glands, little subcutaneous tissue and a weaker hydrolipid layer, which is the skin's natural defence against the harmful effects of external factors. It also has fewer elastin and collagen fibres. This makes it quicker and easier for wrinkles and the disliked dark circles to appear. An effective way to hide these imperfections and give skin a subtle glow and freshness is to use an illuminating concealer. 


How to apply concealer correctly under the eyes

Apply concealer in a triangle shape on the surface of the skin. The base of the triangle should be just under the lower lid and the tip should be about halfway up the nose. You can also apply an illuminating concealer under the brow line, in the inner corner of the eye and in the middle of the upper lid. This will help you hide the signs of tiredness and sleepiness even better. Use your fingertip to gently pat it on or the narrow part of your make-up blender to blend.

It' s worth choosing a concealer that not only beautifies but also cares for the skin around your eyes. Our Illumination & Freshness Light Eye Concealer not only hides imperfections, reduces the appearance of discolouration and dark circles under the eyes, gently illuminates the skin and optically smooths and rejuvenates it, but also cares for it. It contains vitamins A, C, E, PP and D-panthenol, which moisturise, strengthen and nourish it.

Covering up dark circles and discolouration with concealer is one thing. The other very important thing is to take care of the skin in this area every day. As well as applying cream, remember to remove make-up thoroughly but gently. It cleanses your skin of colour cosmetics and any impurities and prepares it to receive the beneficial ingredients from the cream. Start removing make-up by placing a cotton pad soaked in micellar lotion on your eyelid. Using a gentle circular motion, move the cotton pad down your eyelid. Cleanse the lower lash line with the cotton pad, moving from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Remember not to rub or stretch your skin when removing eye make-up, as this will only accelerate the loss of elasticity and the formation of the first wrinkles.