How to create professional make-up?

Our make-up blender will help you with this. Thanks to its unique shape and texture, it precisely and evenly spreads the cosmetic on the face. The large, flat surface enables the cosmetic to be applied quickly on larger surfaces and the pointed end on the exact application in face-folds and hard to reach areas. The blender allows for perfect and flawless make-up - without streaks and spots.


How to use it: soak the blender under running water and squeeze it thoroughly before use. Then apply it with a stamping motion. Wash the blender after each use and allow to dry.


*During the first few washes, the sponge may lose its colour. This is a natural effect.

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Hand hygiene. What lives on our hands?

Did you know that, on average, there are more than 3,000 different species of bacteria on our hands, and that we pass seven times more bacteria through shaking hands than through sneezing? When the COVID-19 outbreak broke out, we started paying even more attention to hand hygiene, washing and disinfecting our hands much more frequently and thoroughly than before.

Facts and myths about perfumes

Why are fragrances best tested by 2pm? Is the bathroom the best place for perfume? Find out more facts and myths about perfumes.

Molecular perfums. Distinguish yourself with the fragrance

What is the fragrance of the perfect perfume? It’s different for each person but has one common feature: must be inimitable and unique. It’s exactly how our innovative molecular perfums are. They allow you to customize your fragrance.