How to take care of your clothes while washing?

We communicate a lot of information about ourselves with our outfits, and well maintained and fragrant clothes affect not only how we are perceived, but also our well-being. Therefore, if you want them to still look like new and smell beautiful for a long time to come, use an Long lasting perfumed laundry Conditioner that takes care of the fibers and makes the fabrics exceptionally soft, light, flexible and fluffy. The wheat proteins it contains effectively protect colors from fading and white from graying.


Why you will love it: the stay new formula, which actively protects the fibers during washing and drying, prevents damage, deformation and mossing, as well as cracking of prints on T-shirts. Fabrics look as if they have been washed half as often.

What you will be delighted about: a fragrance that lasts even longer - up to 24 weeks! The fragrance oils are encapsulated in special HD Active Life microcapsules that release a wonderful aroma - even without rubbing the material.

What smells so beautiful: a floral-wood composition made of French fragrance oils, in which we combined delicate jasmine, tropical ylang-ylang and the exotic aroma of coconut water with sensual musk, aloe vera, rosewood and resin-spicy tones of sandalwood.

Look how easy it is to use: all you have to do is add the right amount of conditioner to the last rinse. You can use it for both machine and hand washing, for all types of fabrics and all colors.

What assures you an additional safety: the conditioner has undergone a number of detailed tests, including a dermatological examination, confirming skin tolerance.

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Hemp oil - why should you have it in your kitchen?

This oil is a real superfood. Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers used it very often, and now it is becoming an important product in the kitchen again. Why is it so valuable? What should it be used for? Check:

What is the projection of a perfume?

Sometimes you can smell a perfume only when you approach the person who is using it. And sometimes their scent still lingers for some time in the room they were in. This is the projection of the perfume.

Hand hygiene. What lives on our hands?

Did you know that, on average, there are more than 3,000 different species of bacteria on our hands, and that we pass seven times more bacteria through shaking hands than through sneezing? When the COVID-19 outbreak broke out, we started paying even more attention to hand hygiene, washing and disinfecting our hands much more frequently and thoroughly than before.