How to take care of your skin while bathing?

If you are looking for a cosmetic for daily washing your body and hands, that will keep a proper condition of your skin and cover it with amazing smell, try our gentle bar soap.


Why you will love it: that product not only cleans your skin perfectly, but also takes care of it. The bar soap creates creamy, aromatic foam that makes your bath a real, exceptional pleasure. It leaves your skin smooth and velvet to the touch.

Why it cares so well for your skin: the key is a formula that contains an almond butter and precoius oils – argan and hemp, enriched with fatty acid and vitamins. Thanks to that the soap ensures proper moisturising of skin, keeps it well-nourished and soothed.

What smells so beautiful: fruit-floral composition with delicate mangolia and juicy pear.

How to use it: apply soap on wet skin, gently rub it until the foam is created, after that rinse it with water. The soap is so delicate that also people with sensitive skin can use it.

What do the users say?

100% of the respondents* confirmed that the soap has a soothing and nourishing effect on skin and doesn’t dry it.

*based on independent trial studies carried out on a group of 25 persons

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