What does it take to have healthy and beautiful hair?

Strong and well-groomed hair is our pride. Choose effective care to keep them healthy and shiny. Our DAILY SHAMPOO REPAIR & PROTECT for everyday use, created for normal, dry and damaged hair, combines gentle washing properties with intensive rebuild and protection. It contains bamboo leaf extract, which prevents irritation and protects hair against free radicals, and botanical complex of 5 algae, which helps to maintain proper level of hydration. We added to it a mineral-rich sea water from the depths of the earth with a strengthening and mineralizing effect.


Our secret is: Keracyn™ - an active ingredient that visibly improves the condition of hair, strengthens it and protects it from external damage, resulting in a shine typical of healthy hair.

Why you will love it: for a significant improvement in the condition of your hair, which is more durable, shiny, better arranged and does not puff. They are also more resistant to damage caused by external factors, including sunlight.

How to use it: apply the shampoo to wet hair, gently rub it in and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Use it together with Hair Conditioner Repair & Protect.

What smells so beautiful: blackcurrant, bergamot, rose, lily of the valley, moss, musk and cedar wood create a fragrance composition, which both of you will readily use.


Keracyn™: an ingredient derived from artichoke that protects against hair fiber degradation. It ensures the integrity of the scales of the hair cuticle, so that it can act as a protective shield

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