Usually we spend less time and attention on foot care than other parts of the body. And yet they should not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also be in good shape to carry us through life without discomfort. That's why we have created an extremely mild DAILY MOISTURISING FOOT CREAM to make sure they are well cared for and beautiful all year round. Thanks to the richness of active ingredients, it quickly restores their healthy look and perfect smoothness.


Why you will love it: a spectacular effect. The cream works effectively and quickly, providing a visible improvement in the condition of the skin and appearance of the feet from the first application. It moisturizes and regenerates the skin, reduces its roughness and prevents the heels from drying out and cracking.

Our secret is: a specially developed formula, rich in active ingredients. A botanical complex of 5 algae, urea and lactic acid ensure proper skin hydration, while rice bran wax and Shea butter make your feet velvety soft and pleasant to the touch.

What else we are proud of: our cream contains a natural odour neutralizer that will give you a unique sense of comfort and freshness.

Why you won't change it for any other: thanks to its light consistency, it is perfectly absorbed, leaving no feeling of greasiness or stickiness. It soothes discomfort caused by dry skin.

What smells so beautiful: fresh, green fragrance composition with notes of black currant, rose, lily of the valley, moss, musk and cedar wood.

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