How to take care of the hygienic cleanliness of your hands?

In the cinema, in a restaurant, during a walk, shaking hands - we are exposed to bacteria every day and everywhere. The best way to get rid of germs is to wash your hands frequently. With this in mind, we have developed a gentle soap with antibacterial properties, which not only effectively cleanses them, but also cares for the good condition of the skin of the hands. And its oily texture and beautiful scent make everyday hand hygiene a pleasant ritual.


Why you will love it: for its extremely mild formula with 95% ingredients of natural origin and its antibacterial properties, thanks to its tea tree oil concentrate.

Why it cares so wel for your hands: we have used active ingredients that perfectly care for the delicate skin of your hands. Hydromanil™* reduces water loss from the epidermis, prevents excessive exfoliation and protects the skin's natural microflora.  Rice oil nourishes and softens the skin, while calendula extract has a soothing effect and accelerates epidermal recovery.

What assures you an additional protection: its formula was created for the daily care of sensitive skin. The antibacterial effectiveness was confirmed by an additional study performed on several strains of bacteria, which are also the natural microflora present on the surface of the skin.

What you will be surprised about: the soap has a physiological pH.

What smells so beautiful: juicy apple and pear, delicate lily and fresh notes of bamboo.


What do the users say?

100% of respondents* confirmed that the soap not only cleanses effectively but also cares for the good condition of hands. It protects and cares for delicate hand skin, leaving it hygienically clean.

* Independent consumer research conducted on a group of 25 people.

Hydromanil™*: a moisturising complex based on polysaccharides extracted from the Peruvian tara plant, among others, which ensures optimal moisture levels in the skin.

* The owner of the Hydromanil™ trademark is Provital S.A.

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