The secret of beautiful, smooth and soft skin lies in everyday care based on appropriate mosturisation. It’s the simplest way to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. We thought about it when we created a light balm that thanks to its beneficial ingredients will effectively moisturise and nourish your skin, protecting it from dryness. It provides immediate and long-lasting effect, as it contains XeradinTM, an unique, plant-based ingredient that visibly improves the functioning of your skin, reducing the loss of moisture. The balm absorbs quickly, leaving the skin supple, incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. And its beautiful, relaxing fragrance will stay with you all day long.


Why you will love it: for the long-lasting moisturising effect, a pleasant feeling of comfort and velvet smoothness of your skin.

Our secret is: the complex of extracts from five algae rich in minerals, polysaccharides and amino acids that naturally revitalize and improve the appearance of your skin, helping to maintain the right level of moisturisation.

What smells so beautiful: blackcurrant, bergamot, rose, lily of the valley, moss and cedar wood comprise a fragrant composition both of you will gladly use.

How to use it: apply a small amount on your skin and delicately massage until absorbed. Use for everyday moisturisation after a shower or a bath.

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